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Wheres the Best places and ways to travel within Australia and New Zealand?
A friend and I are planning to travel to Australia, New Zealand and one other country for three weeks. The other country would be Bali, Thailand, Fiji or Tahiti. We will be there from mid-December to mid-January. We are there as a graduation gift to ourselves and would be there on a budget. We are wanting to do some surfing, scuba diving, snorkling, hiking and of course sightseeing. We would like to know what are the best places to do these things. We would like to stay away from tourist traps. We are also wanting to know what airports and cities would be best to fly in and out of. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Best answer:
The whole country is a tourist trap for what you want to do.
Surfing and scuba diving can be done almost anywhere on the coast, but the best places are in Queensland on the Great Barrier Reef. You can get there from Brisbane, flying to Cairns Airport.
(BE WARNED! When you do go swimming NEVER go to an unpatrolled beach, the beaches are extremely dangerous and you should only use those with life savers present and stay between the flags.)
To be honest 3 weeks isn’t enough even to see Queensland, let alone New Zealand and any Asian country. Sydney would be the main entry airport for Australia, and there are plenty of small cheap airlines for getting around internally, and to N.Z.
You don’t say where you are coming from, but be aware the temperatures will be in the mid to high 30C (85-95F) at that time of year.
I honestly think you really need to think this through, otherwise you are just going to spend time in airports and hostels, instead of sight seeing and enjoying yourselves.

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Tourism In New Zealand

If you love adventure tourism then New Zealand is the best place. The first commercial bungee jumping started here in Queenstown, the ‘bungee capital of the world’, in 1988. Other popular adventure activities include climbing, cave rafting, cycling, mountain biking, fishing, river sports, scuba diving, skiing and snowboarding.

Climbing – Nature has bestowed New Zealand with incredible canyons and climbing areas. Some of the reverenced rock climbing zones are The Port Hills(Christchurch), Wanaka Limestone’s Sport Climbing near Golden Bay and Wharepapa South. Alpine climbing on South Island is also very exciting.

Cave Rafting – Tiny Waitomo has multiple caves and hence the best place in New Zealand for cave rafting. It hosts glowworm tours, full day abseiling and rafting. Besides this Westport and Greymouth of South Islands have deep caves inside the surface.

Cycling – New Zealand is known for its scenic beauty and has large distances between the cities. So, cycling is very famous here. And some cyclists believe that South Island’s mountain passes are the world’s best cycling places. Bike shops of Auckland and Christchurch also provide good rental packages for the tourists.

Mountain Biking – You can search the web to find the companies which offer mountain biking tours. The Southern Alp region like Mt. Cook, Queenstown and Wanaka have good single track riding and heli biking trips are also provided by various companies. The Central Otago region is very popular mountain biking zone now a days.

Fishing – Both ocean and fresh water fishing are very common in New Zealand and the cheapest way to try this is to take a fishing pole on rent and then search the river for fish. But make sure that you have fishing license with you which can be easily purchased from local DOC or tackle shop. Flashy Taupo and Turangi are very famous for Trout Fishing. Wanaka is also good fishing destination.

River Sports – Jetboats have very powerful engines which let them to travel quickly over flat waters. And passengers get shivered by the spins of the boats in the dangerous rivers. Wairaurahiri of Southern Fiordland is extremely wildest jetboating river. Other dangerous rivers are the Shotover river(Queenstown), the Bulla river(Murchison), the Rangataiki river(Rotorua) and Wairoa river.

Scuba Diving – You can swim along with the dolphins in the chilled water of coastal regions. Poor Knights Island is one of the best diving sites of the world with a diverse array of sea life.

Snowboarding and Skiing – New Zealand has some of the highly acclaimed skiing as well as snowboarding sites like Treble cone outside Wanaka and Mt. Ruapehu Ski Area.

Adventure Activities In New Zealand

Diving The Volcanos – White Island New Zealand

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