Scuba Diving in Oahu Hawaii with a Monk Seal and Sea Turtles

Rare ! Monk seal – Scuba diving in Oahu with Oahu Diving.

Like scuba diving with dolphins, diving with a friendly seal may be the ultimate dive for you. This monk seal off the coast of Oahu in Hawaii, seems to be as curious about the divers as they are to him (or her) 😉

There is also an encounter with a huge sea turtle that appears to pose for the camera before shoving off and teaming up with its mate. This is an awesome video that shows whats in store for you if you are planning to scuba dive off the coast of Hawaii’s island of Oahu.

Diving on Oahu

www.scubaboard.comdiving in Oahu6/4/12

Headed to Oahu in a few weeks. Looking for suggestions of who to dive with. Can anyone recommend a good LDS on Oahu? Thanks.

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