Aeris Gyro Octopus

Aeris Gyro Octopus

  • Ambidextrous style allows left or right hand mounting
  • <>Might be utilized upside down for additional safety in an out-of-air emergency

    <>Lies streamlined and flat, reduces drag and tangles on other equipment

    <>High visibility front cover and hose

    <>Nitrox compatible to 40%

Send in your old Octopus, any age any model from any manufacturer, Get the Aeris Gyro Octopus for a special Trade in cost, call us at 800.637.6880. Click here formore particulars The AERIS Gyro octopus swivels 180 degrees, making it ideal for emergency buddy breathing situations. No longer does your buddy have to fight an uncooperative hose while attempting to place your octopus in his/her mouth. Why add much more complexity to an emergency? The Gyro adjusts to meet the situation’s need. The Gyro is low-profile, which reduces drag while you are on the surface and at depth, and is nitrox compatible to 40%. The high visibility cover and yellow hose make the Gyro easy to find when required.

List Cost: $ 144.95

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