How to Identify French Grunt Fish While Diving

How to Identify French Grunt Fish While Diving

Fish you may see while scuba diving. Learn tips for french grunt identification in this free scuba diving video of Caribbean fish from a staff member of the New England aquarium. Expert: Don Stark Bio: Don Stark is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor with over 20 years of active diving experience. French Grunts are very plentiful in the Caribbean and you are sure to see them when diving or snorkeling on any healthy reef.

yellow french grunt

French Grunt School under a ledge –

This is a likely place to spot these yellow fish. They tend to like to hang out under cover rather then swim in schools out in open water. Although they associated with the Caribbean, the French grunt can also be found in the Western Atlantic from Bermuda, South Carolina (USA), northern Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, as well as Brazil.

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