Scuba Diving in Honaunau Hawaii

A couple of shots of our dive trip to Kona. Beautiful location. Locals have spelled out ‘ALOHA’ in cinderblocks and coral at about 40′ in the sand.

Not many dive videos out there from this area of Hawaii. the Bay of Honaunau, is one of the finest destinations  for snorkeling and diving in all the Hawaiian Islands.

For scuba diving or snorkling, travel to the boat ramp immediately to the right of the historical park. You can find a car parking location opposing the rugged beach front. Across the road at the bay will be an ancient lava flow platform which drops into the peaceful rich waters of the ocean. Entering water is not difficult having step-like ledges, however look out for spiny urchins as well as abrasive volcanic rock.

The shallow ledge 10-20 ft deep expands about fifty yards away, along the coastline. Coral formations cover many of the rocks providing a maze of openings not to mention hidden spots for a lot of creatures. Creamy, yellowish, azure, crimson – typically the coral formations below comes in many different colorations, creating an outstanding background for those multi-colored species of fish.

Inside the holes you will discover whitemouth moray eels, pufferfish and slate pencil urchins. Compared with some other urchins having needle pointed spines, slate pencil urchins possess spines as big as pencils that they will use in order to wedge theirselves inside the reef in escape from other potential predators. Their particular coloration is actually a stunning crimson incorporating eye-catching splashes in an already beautiful reef.

Locating a moray eel tends to make intriguing underwater life observation. These kinds of creatures have a relatively formidable presence together with razor-sharp teeth however they are reasonably harmless. They have a powerful sense of smell nevertheless bad vision. Simply stay away from the mouths of those critters and you will be ok.

However what makes this a really unique underwater site may be the green sea turtles; chances are you will observe no less than one on each and every snorkeling or scuba diving journey. They are really a beautiful animal, tranquil in their apperance. You simply can’t help but to become relaxed within their space. They will move through the water using elegant wings, in no way appearing to be in a rush.

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