Diving Grand Cayman with Happy Fish Divers

Enjoy scuba diving in Grand Cayman with Happy Fish Divers. Scuba instruction, private dives and group dives accessible. Handicapped divers welcome. Get in touch with Captain John at jmg_dive@hotmail.com www.happyfishdivers.com

This is an awesome video of some of the wildlife you might encounter while diving in the Cayman Islands. It starts off going through some cool grottos with large tarpon and tiny ghost shrimp.

The next part of the video is even more spectacular as you see southern stingray, and a large turtle but what follows is amazing underwater footage. A giant green moray eel come out of his daytime hiding spot and grabs a puffer fish which immediately balloons up. Outstanding!

Happy Fish Divers was not around in the years I was there but they look like a great start up and you can learn about them here.

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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