Grand Cayman Turtle

Scuba diving in with a sea turtle in Grand Cayman

I included this video as kind of a what NOT to do while diving and taking diving video. As I first viewed this video, it appears that the divers surround this young turtle and one member reaches out to touch it. This places undue stress on these creatures and therefore, should be avoided at all time.

I have been diving in those waters and at times turtles have approached me some even within reach. I have extended my hand out and was fortunate to have one drift right under my hand, allowing it to touch, however I was in a stationary position.

The north eastern tip of the Grand Cayman is home to the “Turtle Farm” and is sort of a tourist attraction although they work as a conservation effort.

Cayman Turtle Farm was initially organized around 1968 as Mariculture Ltd. by a number of investors from the United States Of America as well as The United Kingdom to provide a location to raise the green sea turtle, Chelonia mydas, intended for commercial purposes. That objective would have been to supply the marketplace with a supply of product which would not wipe out the wild populations even further. Simply by releasing turtles and assisting researching, virtually any damage produced by eliminating turtles together with eggs in the wild could be solved. You see the turtle meat was a staple to the people of the islands before commercial shipping became available. Plus thei meat is actually very tasty. 😉 By releasing a large portion of the turtles the farm produces, the result is more turles are released into the wild than if the farm did not exsist.
grand caymans turtle farm

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