CressiSub Archimede 2 Wrist Dive Computer

Cressi-Sub Archimede 2 Wrist  Dive Computer

CressiSub Archimede 2 Wrist  Dive Computer

Compare models, prices and read reviews for the CressiSub Archimede 2 Wrist  Dive Computer. Innovative and user-friendly, the Archimedes utilizes Cressi-subs User Friendly Display System (UFDS). Its breakthrough design features extra large, easy to read characters, convenient diver changeable three volt CR2032 battery with an approximate battery life of two years at 50 dives per year, large Mode buttons and diver programmable functions. The Archimedes 2 Computer is a multi-functional computer that can be used for air or nitrox diving. It uses the Buhlmann ZH-LB algorithm, redesigned by Randy Bohrer. It uses a 12 tissue model with tissue half-times from 5 to 640 minutes. The Archimedes is calibrated for salt water, has a measuring range of 0′ to 328′(0 to 99.9 meters) in computer mode and 0′ to 656′ (0 to 199.9 meters) in gauge mode, and has a maximum surface time calculation of 48 hours. If altitude diving is a concern, the computer will properly adjust from 0′ to 19,685′(0 to 6,000 meters).

Leisure ProCressi Archimede II Wrist Computer

Cressi Archimede II Wrist Computer


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Cressi-Sub Archimede II Wrist Computer