Mares Icon MRS BCD – Scuba Diving Travel BCD

Mares Icon MRS BCD

Mares Icon MRS BC w/Air Control
If you are considering the Mares Icon MRS, watch the demo videos below and best of all see the price comparison chart below that can help you find the right BC at the lowest price available. The Mares Icon was designed to be travel friendly because with todays extra charges for excess baggage, the size of the dive gear you carry on can be a huge issue. Icon is the perfect BCD for traveling. The Speedy-Pak system tends to make it straightforward to compact and transport the BC with a couple of basic moves. When closed it is minimal in size and can easily be transported in your suitcase or a modest travel backpack. Watch the excellent demo video of this great piece of dive equipment below and learn all about it before you buy.

Mares Icon BCD’s are discontinued – Search for more options above right

Mares Icon MRS BCD demo videos – demos the Mares Icon MRS BCD, with a thorough break down of all the features of this great piece of dive equipment.

Heres another great demo video from a rep a Mares that shows all the features as well including a demo of the quick release system.