All About Scuba Diving in Key Largo Florida

All About Scuba Diving in Key Largo Florida

If you are considering a trip to Key Largo for a dive excursion, check out our information page with some videos to give you an idea of why this is a top destination for scuba divers from all over the world.

About Key Largo Diving

Map Of Key LargoAlmost any serious Florida scuba getaway has got to include a chance to check out Key Largo, among the all time most visited diving locations in the US. It’s recognized as being “The Scuba Diving Capital of the States” and once you begin to take a look at this unique scuba location you will see the reason why.
This spot in the middle Keys is definitely an popular location for divers and you’ll find Key Largo in the middle part and then Key West southern end.

Probably the most well known areas on Key Largo will be John Pennekamp State Park. The John Pennekamp State Park has been acknowledged as an area for amazing beauty in addition to being the very first marine protected preserve in the states. While Key West stands out as the destination to choose for the tourist experience, for many individuals heading for Florida diving the main objective is definitely the diving and Key Largo carries with it an awesome possibility.

Regardless of if you are an experienced scuba diver or perhaps a novice in need of some skills, Florida diving excursions to Key Largo have got a little something amazing for each different individual.

If you happen to be a passionate wreck diver the Florida scuba diving adventure must come with a plunge on the USS Spiegel Grove. This unique beast of a vessel is definitely the biggest wreck ever sunk around Florida and having an overall length of 510 feet she actually is an awe-inspiring sight.

This particular wreck is found in much deeper waters and may be rather a test on the most competent scuba divers and is also off limits to novice scuba divers. A minimal bottom time usually means this kind of wreck needs you to take several dives in to completely study the entire structure.

Christ of the AbyssHunting for a special Florida diving location? Why not consider going to the dive site called the Christ of the Abyss? Absolutely essential for any diver visiting this part of the Keys. This 4000 lb. underwater statue may be clearly viewed from the surface by snorkelers. The Underwater Society of America acquired this figure of Christ right after it had been generously donated by Egidi Cressi in 1962. The actual sculpture that includes a pedestal was in fact sunk within the shallow waters near the reef.

When underwater digital photography has got cheaper and also simpler for the beginning photographer, definitely one place to go to ought to be Molasses Reef. Among Key Largo’s most adored and stopped at diving attractions, this offshore reef system is certainly one of remarkable beauty and should be added to your must dive checklist. Amazing underwater sea creatures offering beautiful colors tends to make Molasses Reef one of the more photographed coral reefs on this planet. Typically the crystal clear as well as relatively shallow waters usually means the lighting is excellent along with some dazzling underwater coral and plant-life as your background and sea creatures as the main subjects, you can’t even take a bad photo.

If your a wreck diver, The Keys are a destination for even the most seasoned ship wreck enthusiast..

While the USS Spiegel Grove is an essential dive there are many fascinating ship wrecks around Key Largo such as the cutters USS Duane and USS Bibb. Today these wrecks are very seasoned, meaning they have been there long enough to grow corals and attract resident fish and crustations. They also present an interesting adventure and you have easy accessibility to the two ships because they have been totally prepared for all scuba divers just before their sinking.

Nevertheless one of the leading diving and snorkeling destinations in the US if not this hemisphere, Key Largo provides a little something for all, one of a kind statues as well as caves, shallow reefs rich in impressive underwater life and also shipwrecks so huge they require days to explore.

Florida Scuba Diving – Top Scuba Diving in Key Largo

A video featuring both video & still footage of marine life whilst diving in Key Largo & Fort Lauderdale Florida during January 2009. The footage includes close encounters with Nurse Sharks, Turtles, Stingrays, Moray Eels and many more fish type.
Question by RB: Will scuba diving/snorkeling be good in Key Largo in October or November?
I was wondering if water temperature will allow for scuba diving and snorkeling in Key Largo in mid October or early November?

Am I risking chances of hurricanes during that time?

Best answer:

Answer by Bea
I went in December a few years ago and the diving was pretty good. One day was kind of rough, but the ocean is unpredictable! It will be plenty warm you can get away with a 3mm wet suit. Enjoy!

What do you think? Answer below!

Great dive. About 50 ft. viability. Took this video in February with John Pennekamp Park.

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